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How to Write a Book
Many people have the passion of writing and publishing their own books but they usually find it challenging because they don’t know how they can do. Benefits that come along with writing a book includes income generation and being famous. Few factors and steps have to be considered when one wants to write a book as it acts as a guideline in the book writing process. To begin with, one has to be aware why they are writing the book. The writing process requires one to be committed and they need to devote their time and effort. Knowing why an individual is writing a book helps them not to lose that urge of writing the book. As a second aspect, an individual should also have the knowledge on why people are to buy their book. Many people have varying reasons on why they should buy a book. They might be looking for advice, an encouragement or might want to read more on something. This creates the need for one to know why people would want to buy their books. The third aspect to note is an individual should be able to identify their intended target group. Since the whole process takes one’s time and effort, there will be no need for one to write a book if they know it won’t be able to sell. An individual is able to know their target group by checking out reviews and rankings from other readers in the same niche. An individual is supposed to have a financial plan of the expected expenses to be involved in the book writing process. The returns to be realized is usually proportionate to the amount of money invested in the whole process. It starts from the top cover as this creates the first impression of the book and therefore, the cover should be done and printed properly. One needs to plan accordingly and know how much time they will take in editing, reviewing and putting the book together. One is able to keep track of the whole writing process if they set a deadline for themselves. The two methods of writing a book are pantsing method and the plotting method. One needs to read more on the topic they are to write as this helps them to have a greater understanding of what they are to write. Research gives one an okay to write their first draft. The first draft can appear to be poor but it is a step that will help one realize and notice the errors made. The draft is left in drawers and one can now do their other personal activities. After reviewing and identifying the errors in the first draft, one can now write the second and the third draft which will have very minimum errors. A copy of the book can now be sent to the editor for viewing. If one has no cover for their book, they can buy. At this given point an individual knows how to write a book and they can post it for other people to read.

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