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It is therefore important to control these pest and manage them in order to increase the quality of lives of people as well as the production level of both plants and animals. Most farmers and also we as human beings have always wanted to control these pests to ensure that they are minimal or even manage them to completely remove them from destroying our crops.

Flies are examples of pests that should be really controlled and are in the same family with the mosquitoes and other dangerous flies that are a threat to the animal and human beings health. Flies always like breeding in areas where there are human wastes or the food wastes that are disposed by human beings without the right procedure allowing them to breed in such places. These types of pests can be controlled by destroying the breeding places of such flies and insects including the mosquitoes and also by ensuring proper sanitation within the environment through ensuring that there is proper disposal of wastes in order to avoid such dangers that would have been caused by the pests.

Properties including the carpets and clothes can be destroyed by pests that are present in the homestead if they are not properly controlled and can lead to massive loss of those properties. The bed and carpet bugs and cockroaches also brings destruction and pesticides are always provided and help to control them by killing them even at their development stages.

Most countries whose economy is higher are always helped by the fact that they invest a lot in the agricultural sector and they mostly depend on agriculture to improve their economy since it is always economy oriented field and contributes a lot to the economy of the nation. Locusts and army worms are always the most feared pests by most nation since they really attack crops and spread for long distances if not controlled and managed well. Army worms when they attack a farm they are more likely to spread so fast unless they are controlled earlier.

Locusts usually move as a swarm and when they attack crops they destroy a wide area until that particular area is exhausted then move to other green pastures to do the same destruction. Pesticides applied on such pests are not effective though they don’t cause a bigger harm on the crops.

It is also important to control and manage pest but the methods used should also be able to be environmental friendly. Most pesticides are toxic to the human body for instance one inhales the pesticides while spraying on the pests and yet they are toxic to the human body. Such methods could be most effective but are also discouraged since it is more important to take good care of environment than any other thing.

People’s lives are more important than the activity that would have been done in a way that could not have an impact on the other people whom you didn’t intend to.

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